Ah Nyeong Seh Yo

Name :
`Marina Michelle`

Age :

Fav Music :
`Westlife's songs` &

`Simple Plan's songs`

Attitude towards unknown people :
`Shy and very very quiet`

Attitude towards friends :
`playful` =)

Unique body part :
`My legs`

Talent :
`I can sing like William Hung`
`I can laugh the whole day like nobody bisnez`

Current songs :
`Real To Me~Brian McFadden`
`Swear It Again~Westlife`
`Shut Up~Simple Plan`
`Song Seung Heon's memory song`


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Tuesday, March 15, 2005
The Day Of Wasting

Yeah! This week is holiday!!! I couldn't be happier =) but that doesn't mean I don't have to do anything during the hols, instead, I have to re-do everything in class like Duty Roster and stuff.... *yawn* I just wish that someone will help me!!! ='( I bought all the nessecary--->(is that how you spell it?) things to decorate the class this morning... and it cost me almost RM20... my weekly feeeees!!!!!! uhuk uhuk~ gotta take the money outta class fund from teacher soon after school open.. now I'm broke! I'm officially broke! And today also I bought a RM30 and RM10 DiGi reload... Both for Stacy! sigh... yikes! Was planning to collect money up to RM1000 and what did I do? Wasted them for something before myself!!!!! Now, have to start all over again!

Marina Michelle posted at 4:30 PM
Friday, March 04, 2005
Bogo Shipda!

Been a long time since last I posted anything in my blog eh? Been for like...what? 6 days?? That's a looooong time... Nothing happen so far... so far so good, as we may call it. Even if I tell, nobody would understand. So I better keep it to myself and try to avoid anything that may do some harm to me or other people especially those who is very close to me...

Might wanna change my mind about going to the Kota Kinabalu Ekspidisi, tho... cuz of my condition... Oh well...... what to do?? Isn't sure yet whether I'll be the chosen one or not... hehe.. so better keep my finger down...( I haven't even registered my name yet) should I go or stay??

Marina Michelle posted at 8:53 PM
Saturday, February 26, 2005

I don't know what happen to my blog recently so I decided to delete them all... Anyway, don't worry, I'll be re-posting more sooner or later...

Marina Michelle posted at 9:28 PM

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